Central Menlo Park

The Central Menlo area showed the most total sales volume by dollar amount compared to other areas of Menlo Park by quite a large margin. There was just over $122 million dollars in total sales for the last twelve month period. The results are based on 390 total sales for all of Menlo Park and 62 sales were posted in the Central Menlo area. Coming in second for amount of units sold was actually the east of 101 area of Menlo Park, however, the home sales prices are dramatically different than Central Menlo and the reason for the vast dollar amount difference. Luxury real estatesales are still strong as Central Menlo had an average sales price of just under two million dollars.

Area: Dollar Volume: Number of Sales
Central Menlo: $122,821,516: 62
County / Alameda Area: $67,163,500: 44
Allied Arts / Downtown: $50,725,625: 34
Willows / O’Conner Area: $47,499,890: 43
Menlo Oaks Area: $41,449,100: 21
Sharon Heights / Stanford: $35,012,600: 18
Middlefield to El Camino: $33,717,910: 28
County Area / Fair Oaks Ave: $24,399,875: 36
Flood Park Area: $24,246,275: 29
East of U.S. 101: $18,110,811: 61
Felton Gables: $9,250,000: 4
Alpine Road Area: $6,006,000: 6

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