Month: September 2012

Making your house real nice!

All this time you’ve assumed that you can’t afford the home you really want: The cozy, comfortable house with all the neat features that you want to get your hands on, stuff like slate countertops; the island range with the stainless steel hood; the… Continue Reading “Making your house real nice!”

Barack and Mitt Homes….Check e’m out

As the presidential race heats up, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are concentrating their focus on one certain house in Washington, DC. But before they considered the White House their possible residence, the two lived in a variety of places across… Continue Reading “Barack and Mitt Homes….Check e’m out”


Everyone wants a unique home that fits the way they live. Everyone wants their house to sell easily and quickly – someday. Are those two statements contradictory? You might think so, if you listen to some of the conventional wisdom from the real estate… Continue Reading “Remodel?”

Not so dreamy jobs

They May Seem Dreamy, but… It may seem glamorous to be a slick advertising executive like Jon Hamm on the TV show “Mad Men” or like Michael Douglas’s power broker character in the movie “Wall Street.” But times change and the professions that seemed… Continue Reading “Not so dreamy jobs”

Cars We Won’t Be Seeing in 2013

Discontinuing a car line isn’t like closing a Broadway show or cancelling a television series. In addition to hundreds of millions of dollars in sunk cost, a lot of marginal profit is being sacrificed — the profitability of a car line can actually increase… Continue Reading “Cars We Won’t Be Seeing in 2013”

New Look and Feel

Upgrading my blog…how do you like new look so far? Regards, Nino

Chinese Stock Market Plummets To A 3-Year Low

Shanghai Composite briefly feel below 2000 in today’s session, making new low.  It closed at 2004.16, down 1.24%.  The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood defended the 2000 for the time being. This only makes the following chart as glaring as it has ever… Continue Reading “Chinese Stock Market Plummets To A 3-Year Low”

CHART OF THE DAY: The Shanghai Composite Is The Ugliest Chart In The World

The Shanghai Composite index fell again last night, closing at a new 3.5 year low.  This is as the S&P 500 continues to trade near multi-year highs. Jeff Gundlach, among others, considers the Shanghai Composite to be a leading indicator of the S&P 500. … Continue Reading “CHART OF THE DAY: The Shanghai Composite Is The Ugliest Chart In The World”

The 10 Best Suburbs to Live in America

      The suburbs conjure up images of white picket fences, Little League games and a peaceful refuge from the bustling city. But with so many suburbs cropped up around big cities around the U.S., it can be difficult to determine which suburbs… Continue Reading “The 10 Best Suburbs to Live in America”

Real Estate Brokers bullish on housing, worried about recruiting

 Real estate brokerage executives are increasingly confident about housing markets and the economy, but cite recruiting and training the next generation of agents as top concerns.    That’s according to a “Thought Leader” survey of more than 850 brokerage executives at leading franchises and… Continue Reading “Real Estate Brokers bullish on housing, worried about recruiting”