Month: September 2012

Is your computer getting on in years?

You’re not alone. And so you’ve got one of two choices: if cash is tight, you’ll need to stick it out for a while longer and deal with what you have, but those with the budget might consider buying a new PC or Mac,… Continue Reading “Is your computer getting on in years?”

Wow Flea Market

Don’t we all just love a good deal? A woman in Virginia may have gotten the deal of a lifetime for under $50. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, had gone to a flea market over a year and a half ago. She… Continue Reading “Wow Flea Market”

What to expect from the housing market

2012 has been good to the US Housing Market. In most places home prices are up, demand is up, money is super cheap, and transaction volume is up. Banks are unloading their backlog at steady but not disruptive pace. Not surprising with the improving… Continue Reading “What to expect from the housing market”

Beat an All-Cash Offer: 7 Rules To Live By

As surprising as it might seem, I have seen many offers with financing beat all-cash offers.   I have even seen LOWER offers with financing beat all-cash offers.  How?   In a word, it’s all about preparation, and a well prepared buyer can win the day. … Continue Reading “Beat an All-Cash Offer: 7 Rules To Live By”

Big House Reasonable Price

Some of the nation’s grandest homes sell for surprisingly little. In many cases, homeowners are unable to care for large homes so the structures fall into disrepair; other times the financial stress of ownership results in foreclosures and short sales. Then there’s always the… Continue Reading “Big House Reasonable Price”


With some of the lowest recorded mortgage interest rates—around 3.5 percent or lower—according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, there’s been a lot of buzz about refinancing. But how do you know if it’s the right option for you? Before you take the leap, it’s… Continue Reading “refi?”

American Castles

Who doesn’t go a bit giddy at the sight of a castle? The good news is that you don’t have to head to Europe for honest-to-goodness ones of the Cinderella variety—we have plenty right here in our own backyard. Railroad barons commissioned most of… Continue Reading “American Castles”

What 2M Buys You

Silicon Valley’s dynamic, tech-based economy has inflated home prices in the area for more than two decades. But lately, thanks to a rash of IPO’s and the mobility of global wealth, relatively modest properties in the suburban towns south of San Francisco have been… Continue Reading “What 2M Buys You”