Month: October 2012

Mixed Economic Signals: Better GDP & Housing vs. Worse Corporate Earnings

By now it’s clear that this will not be an easy economic recovery. For every two steps forward we take one step back, as this week’s mixed economic signals show.  On one hand, it was good to see improved GDP growth figures announced Friday.… Continue Reading “Mixed Economic Signals: Better GDP & Housing vs. Worse Corporate Earnings”

Nations Housing improving, but news has been oversold

Commentary: Fiscal contraction is coming, no matter what or who     Markets seem at last to have noticed the possible range of consequences from the election 10 days hence, and the result is a wide-eyed, jaw-dropped, don’t-do-anything. Absent constant paddling, stocks tend to… Continue Reading “Nations Housing improving, but news has been oversold”

CHART OF THE DAY: A Complete Breakdown Of U.S. GDP Growth In One Beautiful Chart

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported today that Q3 GDP ticked upward to 2.0 percent, after clocking in at 1.3 percent in Q2. But that headline number gives only limited amount of information. Here’s a more detailed breakdown from today’s BEA report. It could have been worse:… Continue Reading “CHART OF THE DAY: A Complete Breakdown Of U.S. GDP Growth In One Beautiful Chart”

August home sales in Menlo Park, CA

1120 Cascade Dr · $2,615,000 · Aug. 30, 2012 24 Anderson Way · $1,841,000 · Aug. 30, 2012 1771 Stone pine Ln · $1,150,000 · Aug. 30, 2012 1046 Oakland Ave · $861,000 · Aug. 29, 2012 675 Sharon park Dr · $525,000 ·… Continue Reading “August home sales in Menlo Park, CA”

Weak business spending drags on US growth

  Companies are holding off on purchases of computers, industrial equipment and other long-lasting manufactured goods, a trend that’s slowing the U.S. economy. A fourth straight month of lackluster corporate spending led many economists on Thursday to trim their forecasts for growth in the July-September… Continue Reading “Weak business spending drags on US growth”

Santa Monica Home For Sale: 18.75M

  A 12,400-square-foot home in Santa Monica, which was the former home of painter Sam Francis, has hit the market for $18.75 million. The home has eight bedrooms and an excessive 13 bathrooms. The true beauty and glory of the home comes with its water… Continue Reading “Santa Monica Home For Sale: 18.75M”

Consumer confidence….good omen for housing market

    Consumer confidence has long been a leading economic indicator for the housing market. The more we feel good about the direction of the economy, the stock market, home values, and improvements in the job market, the more likely we are to take… Continue Reading “Consumer confidence….good omen for housing market”

Amazing San Francisco Home That Rotates 360 Degrees In 33 Minutes

Al johnstone, who calls himself a “hobbyist,” suggested a round home to his wife before construction started. And when the discussion of views came up, Johnstone proposed building a house that rotated. They went on and built it themselves. Johnstone took CNNMoney on a… Continue Reading “Amazing San Francisco Home That Rotates 360 Degrees In 33 Minutes”

The tech behind Felix Baumgartner’s stratospheric skydive

Sixty five years ago today, Captain Charles Yeager became the first man to travel faster than the speed of sound in his X-1 aircraft. Daredevil Felix Baumgartner just became the first man to accomplish the same feat without a plane — or indeed any… Continue Reading “The tech behind Felix Baumgartner’s stratospheric skydive”

Re Fi: Yes vs No

Have you heard about refinancing, but think it’s too much of a hassle to pursue? We understand. Life is busy. And who has time for more paperwork? But ask yourself this: Do you have time to save money? Because if you qualify, refinancing your… Continue Reading “Re Fi: Yes vs No”