CREDIT SUISSE: 8 Key Indicators Suggest A Stock Market Selloff Is Near


Credit Suisse Strategist Andrew Garthwaite

Credit Suisse Global Equity Strategist Andrew Garthwaite and his team are taking a bit of stock market exposure off the table after the recent run-up in the S&P 500 over the past month.Garthwaite warns clients in a new research note out this morning, “Many of our tactical indicators point to a consolidation phase in the equity markets, in the near-term.”In the note, Garthwaite highlights nine charts that show how, just as the stock market has taken a turn upward since mid-November, investor sentiment toward stocks has soared higher in that short amount of time. Many of the charts show sentiment indicators now at multi-year highs, suggesting elevated risk of a market selloff


there-has-been-a-sharp-turn-in-risk-appetite-in-only-a-month and-credit-risk-appetite-has-soared-to-record-highs-recently however-executives-continue-to-sell-lots-of-shares


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