Epic Ranch Hits Market in Montana: Music Producer James Guercio(Never Heard of em) Is Listed For $25 Million


Montana OW Ranch

Grammy-winning music producer, musician, and songwriter James William Guercio Blah, Blah Blah is selling his Quietus, Montana ranch for $25 million.It has more than 32,400 acres and includes two equipment-storage sheds, a barn, a cookhouse, and eight solar-powered wells.

My bet: Phillip Morris Company Will buy the Land and Cultivate Marijane(When Legalized) and Reap Major rewards Just like they recently purchased over 10,000 Acres inPrime  NorCal.

The main log home is 2,265 square feet and was originally build in 1892. The ranch was the headquarters of the Kendrick Cattle Company until the 1990s, when Guercio became the sole owner.

It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is even on the National Register of Historic places.barn-measures-32-x-64-with-a-metal-roof-it-was-built-in-1902-and-refurbished-recently-to-its-original-style-under-the-historical-register-standards it-comes-with-three-sets-of-main-buildings-on-the-compound-including-a-big-barn-and-the-main-home the-original-cabin-has-three-bedrooms-and-is-2265-square-feet the-ranch-also-has-a-lot-of-wildlife-and-sporting-animals-including-deer-elk-antelope-and-a-variety-of-birds the-ranch-called-ow-ranch-is-a-one-hour-drive-north-of-sheridan-wyoming-and-sits-on-32400-acres-of-deeded-property the-ranch-was-originally-the-headquarters-of-the-kendrick-cattle-company--one-of-the-most-famous-cattle-empires-in-the-late-1800s

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