HOUSE OF THE DAY: Reduced By $52 Million…Regal & Chic

heath hall


The owners of Heath Hall have chopped £35 million ($52 million) off the price in hope that a wealthy royal or tycoon will bite

Built for sugar magnate William  Tate Lyle in 1910, the super-exclusive home on The Bishops Avenue had fallen  into disrepair in recent years.It was purchased in 2006 by property tycoon Andreas Panayiotou, whose  development company The Ability Group restored the 40,000-square-foot mansion  and surrounding gardens to their former glory. He poured  some $63 million into the home before putting it on the market

as-are-the-bedrooms built-for-a-sugar-magnate-the-home-has-17-bedrooms-and-garage-space-for-10-cars buy-this-house-and-you-can-count-members-of-the-royal-families-of-brunei-and-saudi-arabia-as-your-neighbors heath-hall-is-set-on-two-acres-on-one-of-the-most-exclusive-streets-in-london in-the-mood-for-a-movie-catch-one-in-the-home-theater lets-step-inside like-any-mansion-worth-its-weight-this-one-comes-with-a-panic-room-were-not-sure-this-is-it thats-a-solid-oak-staircase-all-of-the-woodwork-was-completed-in-italy-and-flown-to-london the-bathrooms-are-exquisite-materials-include-12-types-of-marble-and-7-types-of-wood the-dining-room-is-simply-massive the-garden-room-under-the-skylight-is-one-of-the-prettiest-rooms-in-the-home there-are-plenty-of-sitting-spaces-and-offices-as-well this-one-is-about-the-size-of-a-typical-new-york-city-studio

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