Inside The Magnificent NYC Penthouse On The Market For $125 Million

pierre penthouse martin zweig

I  learned that the penthouse of New York  City’s Pierre Hotel was hitting  the market for a record $125 million last week  and the official listing has  finally surfaced with some photos of the space. The apartment, which belonged to late investor Martin Zweig, encompasses  three floors and was originally the hotel’s ballroom. Commenters have pointed out that the apartment’s history as a massive  ballroom means its an awkward living space today; that doesn’t mean it’s not pretty to look at.


Nino M. Gaetano

Oliver Luxury Real Estate

Silicon Valley, CA

the-apartment-has-its-own-interior-elevator the-apartment-has-four-adjoining-terraces-a-rarity-in-nyc it-offers-360-degree-views-of-manhattan if-it-sells-for-anywhere-near-the-125-million-asking-price-it-will-become-the-most-expensive-private-residence-ever-sold-in-new-york-citythere-are-16-rooms-in-total-including-five-bedrooms housed-the-famous-hotels-ballroom-and-the-living-room-is-considered-the-most-magnificent-privately-owned-room-in-the-world-according-to-the-listing

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