Real Estate: Bidding Wars Gone Wild !

The bidding wars are back. Sharp Bids, No-Look Bids, Behind the back Bids you name it we’ve seen it. Seemingly overnight, many of the nation’s major housing markets have gone from stagnant to sizzling, with for-sale listings drawing offers from a large number of house hunters. The competition has been most intense in California, where 9 out of 10 homes sold in San Francisco, Peninsula, Sacramento and cities in Southern California drew competing bids during the month. Silicon Valley/Bay Area: San Carlos, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los altos are seemingly setting new records and with no end in sight. The only question is not whether a new listing will get multiple bids but how many it will garnish. However, there are still pocket markets that offer great Value within The “Heart of the market” Portola Valley, Emerald Hills, Woodside Hills and Skyline. The key to a successful hunt is having a realtor who is “in the Know ”  Whether it’s for an off-market listing or simply knowing the Agent on the other side. Trusting Relationships are not only innate with our clientele but among Broker to Broker and Agent to Agent. I-PHONE Apps that many people utilize Smarter Agent , Redfin, Sawbuck & Zillow often times can’t even keep up with the pulse of the Market. Your best bet has and will always be, your Agent. Don’t pick the Agent whose numbers are the greatest rather choose your Agent who has the time, know-how, dedication, knowledge, and respect among colleagues to yield the results you expect and deserve.

Happy House Hunting

Until Next Time……

Nino M. Gaetano

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