Instill these 5 Mind-set’s for The Current Real Estate Climate

Good Tips Contributed from Tara Nielson
In the world we live in, myriad factors must be managed with strategy, insight and action in order to buy a home. Manage your credit, manage your money, manage your career, manage your family’s space needs – the list is long, and the line items on it are all critically important.  As the real estate market continues to burn constant there’s one major piece of the puzzle that many a homebuyer neglects to manage at all: their mindset.
Don’t let the failure to manage your own mindset be your downfall, or cause you to lose dream house after dream house while the market slowly, painfully manages it for you.
1. Be Aggressive. B-E Aggressive.
2.  Don’t let up when you get into contract. 
3.  Get comfortable with the emotional Catch-22 of this market. 
4. “failure” as course-correction. 
5.  House hunting couples:  get it together. 
On a market like today’s, hesitation kills deals.  When co-buyers are not on the same page about what’s important, the time between seeing a home, deciding to make an offer and deciding how much to offer can be much longer than it should be. The delay can be devastating – many a dream home has been sold to the highest bidder while a couple argues over whether it’s the one. Now, on some level, it can be very clarifying and even help to broker a compromise to get out of the abstract conversations about home features and amenities on paper, and to get into real properties in the real world. But it’s also helpful to bring your agent into the conversation as early on as possible and, ideally, before one party falls in love with any property. Many agents have experience helping couples sort through these issues and determine a property-finding action plan and set of priorities that works for everyone.

Nino M. Gaetano
~Nino M. Gaetano~

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