Asian Americans Say US Parents Are Way Too Soft

Helicopter Parenting, Tiger moms, you name it they are more than just a legend,  according to a recent report from Pew Social Trends. The survey found that 62% of U.S. Asians  say American parents in general don’t apply enough pressure. U.S. Asians were much more likely to  approve of U.S. Asian parents, though many say that U.S. Asian parents are too  aggressive.
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Parenting style varies by country of Asian  origin, with Korean Americans most likely to say parents from their own group are overzealous and Filipino Americans least likely. Aggressive  parenting was more common among immigrant Asians as compared to U.S.-born Asian.  This last trend makes sense — and may  explain part of the difference compared to the general population — when you  consider that immigrants come to America for the express purpose of creating a better life for themselves and their family. So should we all be Tiger Moms ? Helicopter Parents; Hovering and swooping over are children ? Aggressive parenting may help to explain the startling gains of Asian Americans in recent decades. But their measure of success and achievement seem to be only set on Scholastic and Musical prowess.  That very same mentality has created a fiercely competitive educational roller coaster, If your child can not hang with the momentum then he or she may very well be left behind. I believe in applying a different theoretical framework one, in which we educate and crown our achievements through Scholastic accolades, Spiritual Growth, & Artistic development along with team sports. Its apparent that this Tiger Mom mentality is isolating youth  rather than rallying the youth together. Me Me Me….Mentality only fosters a Eurocentric perspective Whilst the Antithesis of such embraces a mentality and perspective much larger than ourselves. I enjoy the way my wife and I are parenting our kids  and will continue to raise our kids in that manner and quite frankly I’m annoyed at the very basis of U.S. Asian comments. Go Tiger Go !  there will come a time and day where your child will gather the gumption to speak their mind about the success you want through them. I know I will never be that Tiger but rather will encourage my kids to Explore and seek the  truth wisdom and knowledge through life experiences.

Until Next Time…..You Go Tiger !

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