FBook’s $120 Million Housing Complex For Employees W/ Doggy Day Care And A Sports Bar-Seriously ?

MK CG762_FBTOWN_P_20131002185840 

Facebook already has some of the best employee perks, from four months of maternity and paternity leave to on-site  barber shops. Now it’s creating the ultimate perk: housing.Facebook is building what the Wall Street Journal dubs a small “town” for employees, Anton Menlo The housing complex will  cost $120 million to build and it will create 394 units, WSJ’s Reed Albergotti  reports. The town will be 630,000 square-feet and it won’t just include  apartments. It will have shops, like a local sports bar and a doggy day care  facility. The mockup also shows an outdoor community pool. Anton Menlo will be walking distance – or a five minute bike ride – from  Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters. Facebook is working with St. Anton Partners,  a Bay area developer. Most units will belong to Facebook employees and will be  sold at market rates, but 15 will be open to non-Facebook employees and reserved  for low-income housing. It’s not clear when the complex will be ready  for residents. Other tech companies have started merging home and office life. Evernote offers a bi-monthly cleaning service for all of its  employees, for example. But Facebook’s new initiative is on a whole  different level. Facebook wants to make employees feel like they’re living and working  on a college campus, not in a corporate environment.

That’s as nice a gesture as it is abundantly scary. Now employees really won’t be able to escape their employer’s influence, even in the comfort of their homes.

Not for me…How about you ?


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