Hello to NEMA, A New Rental Highrise in SOMA District, San Francisco


New NEMA Rental Community

Generally speaking, San Francisco is considered to be one of the most gorgeous cities the world has ever seen, and thanks to the thriving tech industry, the SOMA district is among its most popular areas for rental housing.  NEMA is the newest high-rise to address that need.

New NEMA Rental Community

As with other cities out there, San Francisco always has something under construction. New buildings are always added to neighborhoods, while other ones are fixed as needed. Although it may be hard to find anybody who was born in San Francisco nowadays, the majority of residents there value being a local after living there for a couple of months.

This is the exact spirit that NEMA, the new rental community at 10th and Market, thought about when planning out the place. The design strongly concentrates on the look and feel of Northern California, reflecting on what is around it. In fact, all of the amenities and the whole architectural feel of the place signifies the lifestyle of every proud San Franciscan.

New NEMA Rental Community The new NEMA rental community just opened a leasing office.

NEMA recently opened a leasing office to show possible renters what the new NEMA rental community has to offer at 14 Tenth Street. Renters can enjoy VIP privileges within apartments that are so modern, they don’t have any paperwork around. Instead, they rely completely on digital portals for work, thus pleasantly saving the environment at the same time.

To really get a feel for what the new NEMA rental community has to offer, this leasing office was built to look like the NEMA public spaces and lobbies that showcase soothing colors and textures inspired by North California’s natural beauty.

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