3 Lil Tips For Selling Your House This Year

home for saleIf you plan to sell  your home in 2014, be aware that buyers have changed since the economic  downturn. They’re savvier than ever, and they’re not desperate. Many of today’s buyers are Millennials (also known as Generation Y) who’ve come of age with  access to endless information via the Internet. It’s in their DNA to search, and  they love photographs and sharing.

Here are three bits of advice that will make you a smart seller in  2014:

Take your photo shoot seriously

Today, many buyers get their first impression of your  home online. Too often, listings go online with photos of a dark room,  lights off or blinds closed. Even worse? A new listing without photos or that has only one. If your real agent  isn’t hiring a professional photographer to take high resolution photos, then  you should invest the few hundred dollars to do so. Have them taken at the best  time of day. Clean the home in advance and put away clutter. Prepare for the  photo shoot just as you would for an open house. If buyers don’t like what they see online, you may never get them in the door.

Have your home inspected before listing 

Nothing is worse than waiting months or even years for an offer,  only to have potential buyers discover that your HVAC system is on the fritz or  that there is dry rot. When that happens, you’re forced to reduce the price or  give credits.

Even worse, you may scare off the buyer and be forced to go back on the  market. Often when this occurs, buyers and agents think there’s a problem with  your property—which can make it tough to sell. That’s why a few hundred dollars  on a pre-sales inspection is the best investment you can  make. If there are issues, you can price the home accordingly. More importantly,  you’re providing the buyers with more information. You’ll be in their good  graces from the start.

Throw buyers a bone

Receive an offer on your home at a good price? Have you been one of the luones who received more than one offer over a short period of time? Good for you;  you’re in the driver’s seat. Even so, you still want to be in the buyer’s good  graces during escrow and even after the sale. If you have the opportunity, throw  the buyer a bone. If they ask for an early closing and you can do it, give it to  them.These little offerings will go a long way toward a speedy and  hassle-free escrow.

The most important thing to remember is that to be a smart seller, you need  to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Remember that today’s buyers lived through  one of the biggest housing and credit crises in generations. They’re motivated  but cautious, and they have a wealth of information available to them  online. Don’t take anything for granted


Uniting All The Best In     Real Estate ~Nino M. Gaetano~      650.207.1986
Uniting All The Best In Real Estate
~Nino M. Gaetano~


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