Ahhh….I’m Just Home relaxing countryside…. in Portugal

Signed by Dutch design office piet boon , the design of this house in the south of Portugal created a place of relaxation and refuge for the owners, who lead a hectic life in the city. Located in a village house next to a golf course, the construction did not aim to compete with the dominant style of architecture of the other houses, but to create a barrier that would isolate your space into a private world.

The authors attempted to use a neutral color palette as well, to create a calming effect in space. According to the authors, the housewife has a penchant for luxury, with elegant fabrics, special objects and details. The project sought to reflect these interests throughout the house, with a certain feminine touch, while maintaining serene atmosphere. For harmonization of the various combinations of elements ‘tone on tone’ were privileged to form groupings between accessories and textiles in neutral colors, like sand, and soft materials like fine linen.

Because it is a home for weekends and holidays, the project emphasizes the feeling of summer, opting for sheer curtains spreading the abundant natural lighting and undulate gently when the wind blows. Another idea was to offer a good amount of outdoor space, but to bring the same comfort inside. There are plenty of places to relax, sunbathe and eat – including an outdoor venue with a fireplace. The natural stone used throughout the project is the region itself and was repeated on the inside and outside to create this unity between them.

There is a great contrast between the front of the house, which is arid and closed, and the back is open and bright, with pool, palm trees and a beautiful view. This opposition serves precisely to print a sense of refuge or oasis, in intimate areas of the house. Besides making use of local building materials also evokes the local tradition by the use of stone walls and the abundant use of light colors in interior space.

Even the house is very spacious, the project was designed to ensure that all functions are available within a reasonable distance. The house was equipped with every comfort, convenience and luxury possible. As the region is remote, not every type of service is available easily, so the architects opted for low-tech functional systems that can be maintained more easily.

Just like the greatest assets in life are those intangible, the greater comfort of this home is the sense of peace and tranquility that she is able to provide. The double bedroom perfectly illustrates this feeling with neutral colors and a minimalist setting that avoids the coldness and seeks traces of warmth in materials and workmanship.

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