Thinking of Selling Your Home ? This is How Not To show it [Photos]

To the residentsYour digs are pretty nice. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, just outside the heart of Kirkwood Solid. Walkability? Yup. An asking price of $378,000 for north of 2,200 square feet? That’s in the neighborhood of reasonable, certainly. Hardwoods, a solid back porch and seemingly plenty of parking space? Check, check and check. But the listing photos? The ones that are crucial in that whole selling your housething? Dude. Just … no. Do better. Please.

Seriously, man — , we saw your reflection in a photo — what were you thinking? There’s a bike, a quarter-filled aquarium and a pile of parkas featured in shots of one room. The laundry room is filled with bent hangers, 37 different kinds of laundry detergent and a whole bunch of other crap thrown in the corner. There’s a dirty towel hanging on the shower rod in one bathroom, and a whole bunch of clothes and towels and something with a cord in the bathtub of the other. YOU DIDN’T EVEN MAKE THE DAMN BEDS.

We get it. Staging listing photos can be hard. But it sure ain’t as hard as you made it look.

Make sure you hire a realtor that doesn’t bend to the necessities of what it takes to sell

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