Charles Sieger’s Absolute Bonkers Redlands Island Castle w/ a Moat

Architect Charles Sieger’s absolutely bonkers castle, in the middle of its own island out in the land-locked Redland This after it was listed, and failed to find a buyer, a year ago, for $10,9000,000. The house, which looks nothing like the glassy white condo towers he is known for as one half of the architecture firm Sieger Suarez, is painstakingly symmetrical, medieval but oddly modern, and supremely weird. The house is 10,100 square feet, has eight bedrooms and eight baths, two gazebos jutting far out to either side of the lagoon/moat (One for dining and one for sleeping),and is called Chateau Artisan, perhaps suggesting the artistry of architecture, or its architect owner, or something. Anyways, he’s selling it again. Maybe he’ll move to a condo.


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