Where the Heck is Old Redwood City?

Peninsula residents are always looking for the next big thing, from electronic gadgets, websites, start-ups,to neighborhoods. Yes, neighborhoods. More established neighborhoods like Old Palo Alto, Crescent Park and Central Menlo Park are being taken by storm by the newest moniker to hit residential real estate: Old Redwood City.


Once you and the other established-city bullies stop clamoring about how Redwood City used to be called a variety of other schoolyard names, you’ll see how this super-neighborhood is taking the Peninsula by storm.(Super, coming mainly by the size and how it encompasses a few other smaller niche neighborhoods – but also because of its qualities.)“Old Redwood City” is area that encompasses a few other areas within its boundaries: Edgewood Park, Wellesley Crescent,and Mount Carmel northwest of and including Brewster Ave. Within these boundaries you will find some of the oldest and most Historical housing stock in Redwood City, as well as nearly every type of architecture you can imagine: Colonial, Spanish Revival, Tudor, California Bungalow, mid-Century, etc. The lots in Old Redwood City tend to be well-sized and spacious, ranging anywhere from 6500 square feet to 1.5 acres, and the closer you get to the Western Hills, the larger the lots and homes. This is a neighborhood reminiscent of the best parts of Palo Alto, having just as much charm and character, just as many (if not more) trees and greenery, and wide, tree-lined avenues transecting the neighborhood. Within this grid you will find narrower, less busy cross streets with deeper lots but less frontage. Around Old Redwood City you will find plenty of pedestrians throughout all seasons of the year: runners, people walking dogs, parents with kids, elderly people out for a stroll.  The quantity and variety of pedestrian demonstrates how the neighborhood is conducive to and safe for nearly everybody.  A friend of the family (Rose) is in her eighties and can be seen strolling the neighborhood at all times of the day!  The nearby Stafford Park is a local favorite gathering spot for walkers, families, and those looking for a great picnic spot.  A large play structure and interactive fountain entertains the youngsters, while a summer music series entertains kids of all ages. Neighbors brings chairs, blankets, picnic baskets, adult libations, and many of their friends – what a great way to enjoy the summer! If you haven’t been enticed by this article, go for a drive through Old Redwood City and its its nearby neighborhoods my favorite area is Emerald Lake Hills go see what all of the buzz is about. Drive to Lower Emerald Lake and cruise down Lakeview rd. roll your windows down, turn off the music and listen to the soft wind rattle the Eucalyptus surrounding the lake.

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 1026 LakeView