Here’s the House Ellen DeGeneres Flipped to Napsters S.Parker For $55 Million (can you say Overpaid)

A strange new era dawns in Los Angeles: a comedian and talk show host has sold the Brody House in Holmby Hills—easily one of the best properties in Los Angeles—to a tech billionaire. The house has followed a very LA narrative since its birth in 1949, when it was designed by a Modernist dream-team (architect A. Quincy Jones, interior designer Billy Haines, landscape architect Garrett Eckbo) and built for philanthropist-types Sidney and Frances Lasker Brody. In 2010, it sold for the first time, at just under $15 million, to flippers, who did a very nice job freshening it up and turned it over to architecture-loving Ellen DeGeneresfor 39.9 Million. Now after only a few months in the house, she’s sold it to Sean Parker, the founder of Napster and first president of Facebook

 Parker paid $55 million after an eight-day escrow; he had to have the place and DeGeneres couldn’t turn down an offer that choice. Parker is known for throwing a lot of money around to get what he wants: He agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle with the California Coastal Commission after his Big Sur wedding flaunted California environmental law; meanwhile, in Manhattan, he allegedly screwed up tenth street to have high-speed internet installed..

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