Reasons to Hire Movers (or Not)

Calling Fantastic Removals

A move involves a number of working parts. Between packing, coordinating, cleaning, and physically moving your life from one location to another (details on the matter here), there are a lot of threads to keep hold of. Of all the questions that come up before a move, one of the most common is whether or not to hire help or lean on the fleet of friends and family. It’s a tough question, each option with its own pros and cons, but when the facts are laid side by side, it may help bring your choice into focus.

Reasons to Hire Movers:

  • When you rely on friends and family, there is one major plus, they work for free, but they’re also not obliged to show up.
  • Friends and family you don’t have to pay, but most would like to be compensated with food and drink. Not to say they’ll expect it, but it is an unwritten rule of sorts.
  • Your friends are not professionals and use no professional tools. In so much, you can’t be too mad when an amateur mover makes an amateur mistake. We hold our nearest and dearest in the highest regard, and keeping them out of a move is the best way to ensure it stays that way.

Reasons NOT to Hire Movers:

  • There is one glaring downside most people never work past: money. Where you may look at the price tag and feel some sticker shock, break it down bit by bit.
  • If you go through a company like Fantastic Removals, your cost covers a van, a dedicated team of movers, and all the best moving equipment. If you look at the cost of these items piecemeal, including whatever else you use to better play your team of volunteer movers, how much do you really save?

Including the cost of time and the price of peace of mind, the difference is negligible.

So, Volunteers or Professionals?

A borrowed lorry or a state of the art mover’s palace on wheels? A commitment to professionalism or a personal obligation? We can’t decide for you, but perhaps the days of the slapdash move are best behind us. Rest assured, your friends won’t mind.

If you or anyone you know needs a quality recommendation feel free to inquire

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