House Of The Day: Converted Harrisburg Chapel Built in 1876 @ $260,000

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Price: $259,900
Converted to a residence in the early 2000s, the Peace Chapel Church of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was put on the market late last week for $259,900. The stained glass windows are original, and most of the biggest interior changes were made without disturbing them; the loft-like second floor extends through the middle of the space, leaving a large double-height living area on one side where two original pews are currently parked. Now, the open-plan dwelling is largely organized by different floor materials: cement tiles in the kitchen, and for one lounge section, a wooden platform raised above the gray carpet.

Along with much of Harrisburg’s historic Shipoke neighborhood, the 1876 home has been flooded by waters from the nearby Susquehanna River a few times in the last decade or so. The 3,085-square-foot dwelling has three bedrooms, with the master bedroom right behind the rose window in front. The second-floor loft section is currently used as a home office and gym.


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