14 Sic Lil Cabins to Keep You Cozy In Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be freezing and miserable. As Scandinavians, Vermonters, and ski enthusiasts have long known, watching the snow fall from inside a stylish cabin can be downright enjoyable. Lately architects have been veering away from the rustic wooden structures of yore, and moving toward glass-walled winter homes with views from all sides, irregularly-shaped cabins that blend into their surroundings, and even domes andtreehouses. From high-design mobile huts in the mountains of Washington State to a decadent 11,000-square-foot ski chalet in the French Alps with a cinema and indoor pool, here are 15 of the most ingenious new winter cabins.

This angular home by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in Kicking Horse, Canada has mahogany interiors, a mud room under the stairs, and ample snowy forest views.


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