A Totally Awesome Tiny Hobbit Home Community Being Created



Another year, another tiny house (or three) for Kristie Wolfe. And she gets around – she built her first tiny house in Boise, Idaho, a couple of years back; last January we profiled her Hawaiian treehouse; and now she’s setting up a hobbit village on five and a half acres in eastern Washington State. As with her Hawaiian house, Kristie is planning to rent these out on Airbnb; the first, which you see here, The 288-square-foot stick-built cottage is half buried in a hillside with a great view of the misty Cascade Mountains. The exterior features a Tudor-style top over cedar shingles with a round green door made from a spool of cable in the center. (Is that what they use in the Shire?) The bedroom’s immediately through the door, while the bathroom and a sitting room occupying respective sides of the area. Décor and amenities are very nicely done, and include a stone fireplace and a hand-carved wooden sink. Two more cottages will be ready by midyear.


Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 1

Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 2

Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 5


Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 6

Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 7

Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 8

Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 3

Kristi’s Tiny Hobbit Home 4




Story by: Mike at tiny homes

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