5 examples: Don’t Judge a home based on exterior


The crumbling stone building above looks run down and abandoned. If I were a burglar, I’d walk on by and not spare it a second glance. I’d also be a dumb burglar that should learn a good hard lesson about not judging a book by its cover, and all that good stuff. You’ll see why in a second.


Outside: Above, an old building in Switzerland renovated by architects Buchner Bründler.

Inside: While the exterior was left as is, they constructed an entirely new interior structure within, creating a modern and spacious living space.


Outside: This Brazilian home designed by Studio Guiherme Torres is all minimalist and monochromatic, so you’d expect the inside to be in a similar vein.

Inside: Instead, the cool exterior gives way to whimsical and eclectic decor, which looks especially colorful and unique against the smooth gray walls.


Outside: A 100-year-old workers cottage that looks small and modest, with no hint at the drama inside. Design by Life Space Journey.

Inside: The traditional exterior gives way to an edgy space with a decidedly modern twist.


Outside: This unremarkable and bland brick house, as seen on HGTV, looks like all the others on its block in a Toronto neighborhood.

Inside: Instead, it’s a mid-century time capsule that celebrates 1950s decor in all its pastel glory. Room after room has been perfectly maintained for decades.


Outside: This simple, unassuming blue house was originally a one-room schoolhouse in Canada’s Magdalen Islands, and appeared in Dwell. These traditional little homes are very common in the area.

Inside: Inside, the home’s soaring, angled roof and bright white walls feels much larger on the inside.

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