Thinking About Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Space / Patio…Check out these Inspiring Patios


Now is the time to start planning if you have been considering that spring patio project for the up-in-coming long summer nights. There are numerous factors to take into consideration prior to this undertaking first and foremost one needs to analyze the topography of where the patio is going and after such look out onto the surrounding ares and understand the composition of the soil in and around the designated area then, consider drainage. Ask where and how will the water travel in heavy rains and will it drain properly. A very popular and reasonably inexpensive choice is concrete and yet there is a lot of harsh environmental critics that slam concrete for its carbon emissions but here are some ‘ green’ options for you to consider

Which Shade of Green is Right for You?
While thinking green when it comes to concrete driveways, paths, patios, pool decks, and floors is a smart choice for your pocketbook, your home, and the environment, it’s not unusual for homeowners to feel a little overwhelmed when presented with the full scope of green remodeling options. If you’re feeling unsure about how green you’re willing to go with your upcoming project, there’s no need to worry. Going green is not an all-or-nothing proposition, whether you opt for a concrete slab as your basement flooring material, or pull out all the stops with recycled content concrete, metal forms, and a radiant floor heating system to boot.

If you do think green is the right choice for your adventure in concrete, talk with your contractor about adopting a green remodeling philosophy, find a contractor who specializes in green building and remodeling, or seek out the services of a green consulting firm so you can be sure that your new driveway, walkway, patio, or floor project is as green as they come.


Green Concrete Suggestions for Healthier and More Energy Efficient Homes
That said, here’s a list of concrete suggestions, starting with how greening your concrete can reduce energy costs and lead to a healthier home.

  • Consider Solid Slab Concrete Floors—While concrete isn’t necessarily the best choice for the environment, it is an excellent choice as a green indoor flooring material. Once concrete is dry, it emits almost no harmful VOCs into your indoor air, unlike materials such as carpet, finished wood flooring, and vinyl flooring tiles. And if you’re concerned about looks, advances in concrete stamping, staining, and coloring can transform the most boring concrete slab into a floor that people notice.
  • Reduce Heating Costs with High Thermal Mass—Concrete’s high thermal mass makes it a perfect flooring material for areas in your home with lots of windows and a southern exposure. Why? In winter, the concrete floor will soak up passive solar heat from sunlight throughout the day, and then radiate it back into your home long after the sun goes down.
  • Install a Radiant Floor Heating System—Concrete flooring is one of the preferred flooring materials if you’re considering a radiant floor heating system. In case you haven’t heard, a radiant floor heating system is one of the most energy-efficient, clean, and comfortable heating methods around.
  • Use Low- or no-VOC Stains When Possible—Concrete stamping, staining, coloring, and acid washing continue to grow more popular by the day. If you do choose to finish your concrete in this fashion, however, ask for a low- or no-VOC, stain if possible, since many staining products can release significant amounts of potentially hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your indoor air.

Take a peek at some these various patios utilizing pavers, slabs, Stones and decking and if you ever need advice or would like a consultant to assist please contact me as I would welcome the opportunity to advise.

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