Wahlburgers 15Hollis Johnson

The Wahlberg brothers are taking quite a gamble.

The Boston-based better burger chain Wahlburgers has announced plans to expand rapidly in the next decade, inking agreements to open 118 new locations.

That’s a huge jump from the seven locations open now — it seems there’s quite a bit of faith in the better burger segment.

The chain began outside of the Wahlbergs’ hometown of Boston, MA, in 2011, located across the street from classically–trained chef Paul Wahlberg’s fine dining spot.

With Paul Wahlberg’s 30 years’ worth of culinary expertise, Wahlburgers deftly enters the arena of the chef-driven better burger empires to take on Shake Shack — all while trying to dodge issues that often arise with big celebrity-themed concepts.

As more buzz builds around the chain and its expansion plans, I headed to the Boston location to see if the hype is deserved.