The Spin Trip – A Spin Class Through TRON – New Zealand

Starting with Pump in 1990, Les Miles has become synonymous with exercise-to-music fitness programs in more than 80 countries. Since that time, Les Mills has pushed the fitness ball ahead continually, moving from cassette-tape music of the old days to the latest reiteration of motion-to-music, The Trip, described at times as a ‘spin class through TRON.’


Tested for more than a year in Europe and Asia, and in operation also at the Les Mills gym in Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand, The Trip offers an immersive 3D experience created by digital graphics and audio.

spin1-1The Trip features immersive computer-game audio visuals that have the spinners cycling in the far reaches of unknown galaxies. The goal is to provide immersion, distraction and interest – whatever it takes to get through the gruelling cycling class and, at the end, feel not just noodle-kneed but inspired to come back in a few days.



Uniting All The Best In Real Estate ~Nino M. Gaetano~
Uniting All The Best In Real Estate
~Nino M. Gaetano~

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