Clean, Chic Contemporary Class….Home Of The Week


Designed by architect Jan Hochhauser, the two-story contemporary employs a series of offset rooflines to create contrasting volumes from one space to the next. Sliding-glass doors and walls of windows keep the interior bright while bringing natural panoramas inside.

la-fi-home-of-the-week-michael-bay-photos-2016-001 la-fi-home-of-the-week-michael-bay-photos-2016-002 la-fi-home-of-the-week-michael-bay-photos-2016-003 la-fi-home-of-the-week-michael-bay-photos-2016-005 la-fi-home-of-the-week-michael-bay-photos-2016-006 la-fi-home-of-the-week-michael-bay-photos-2016-007


Offered @ A Cool $8,995,000

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