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Whether it’s your stress-reducing practice of choice or the first thing you’re likely to procrastinate on, organization is necessary if you want to make use of your space — no matter how spacious or cramped your living quarters are.

Even if it’s not about saving space, having a reliable organizational system allows you a practical, working knowledge of where all the things you need and like are so they can be found when you want them at home.

I am by no means the most naturally organized person I know, which my friends and family would be happy to tell anyone, so I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to cut corners on organization and still reap the benefits of an orderly life.

Products like the ones below are a few that really help — I don’t have to depend on my own vigorous cleaning pattern, I can just rely on these guys doing their jobs and keeping my counter, shower, and bedroom space optimized and decluttered, so I can actually enjoy myself when I’m home and find the things I need, when I need them.

Below are 13 products that will help you be and stay organized, without the energy of perpetual attention.