More often than not, inspections come back clear leaving new owners with nothing to worry about (except for maybe removing some ugly wallpaper). But sometimes, the brave inspectors stumble across some finds so hilariously gnarly that it’s a miracle the homes weren’t immediately condemned and demolished!


1. Extra Spooky Square Footage: Normally finding out home has some extra space is a good thing. In this case, the nightmare appearance of this crawl space makes it less delightful. Maybe a job for an HGTV show.

David Marier

2. Passage to China: Inspector Dave Marier found this seemingly endless hole underneath the parking lot of an apartment complex. One wrong step and he would’ve gotten the Alice in Wonderland treatment.

3. Levitating Column: Nothing but some stucco was covering up this massive problem. Finding out that your home is being supported by nothing would probably be a deal-breaker. Or at least it should be.

4. Creative Foundations: There are somethings you want supporting your foundation. Beams, pillars, and legitimate construction make up the most important elements. Unfortunately, no home can stand on Disney magic alone.

Dave Marier

5. Fault Lines: It doesn’t take a trained eye to catch this pretty huge problem. Not even the most advanced home inspector can save you from the disaster that is this flawed floor.

6. This Red Flag: Maybe you can take the doll out of the home, but whatever curse it harbors behind those icy eyes will linger forever, casting a dark net for generations. Go with whatever house doesn’t have a haunted doll.

7. It Gets Worse: You thought you’d seen the worst doll on this list, didn’t you? This nightmare of an abandoned baby doll makes you want to invite the other doll lady in for tea. She can just keep this house; it belongs to her now.

8. A Resilient Mushroom: This is honestly just impressive. Clearly this mushroom worked hard to thrive in this less than ideal environment. He’s probably a “fungi” to have around the house!

9. Detector That Didn’t Detect: Here’s a philosophical query. If the fire detector catches on fire, does it still detect a fire? We may never know what happened before the demise of this one, but it may have been battery related.

10. Cracks In Walls: This is another find that doesn’t exactly require massive attention to detail to notice. Hopefully, the potential homeowners are handy. Or maybe they just enjoy the anxiety of living in a home that could collapse on them at any moment.

11. Drafty Door: At first glance, you might not notice the awkwardly slanted door. Or maybe the frame is the one-off balance? Either way, this door isn’t really doing its job. This could probably be forgiven if they throw in a washer/dryer.

12. Knife Throwing Practice: It’s important to know who the previous homeowners were when you buy a house. In the case they were secret assassins training for some covert mission, your home inspector might find the evidence.

13. Tiny Pests: Especially when it comes to older or previously abandoned homes, the utmost attention must be paid to finding potential pests. Unwanted roommates like these ants could come free upon closing on your new home.

14. So Close: This badly constructed pillar could probably also serve as a meme about “how close I am to quitting my job”, or something along those lines. The orientation of your home is kind of important, so this is a crucial catch.

15. Tetris-Inspired Construction: Tetris may have taught us all a thing or do about spatial awareness, but in real life, Tetris-centered solutions don’t always do the trick. This is definitely game over.

16. Unreliable Foundation: The whole “measure twice, cut once” adage doesn’t seem to be popular among today’s construction workers. Cinder blocks are strong, but you’ve gotta hope there’s more than that holding up an entire house.

17. Crooked Beams: Seriously concerned about how houses are staying up all the time with all this shady construction work? Thank an inspector today for experiencing the sometimes horrific things they uncover in homes.

18. “Oh you’re telling me that North is that way? I thought it was that way…” This has to be what these architects and construction workers are talking about while standing on the edge of their really big mistake. Guess they have to start over now.

19. Which was built first, the staircase or the pillar? Sure, that’s one question you could ask, the other would be who on Earth thought this plan was a good one?

20. To work on a construction site you have to go through some form of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training, but you don’t learn how to handle a live alligator.

21. Urban development is on trend nowadays; luxury buildings with key amenities for a smaller living space are all the rage. Placing the playground on the roof is genius, but aiming the slide off of the building might violate a building code or two…

22. This escalator was built for functionality as well as fun. As you approach the ceiling, you get to engage in an extreme game of limbo. “How low can you go?” Better be low enough to clear that ceiling, otherwise, the limbo isn’t the only thing getting rocked…

23. Some might see this construction design as a fail, but it’s actually a really smart design. The ATM was built out of reach to help you be more fiscally responsible. If you can’t reach the ATM, then you can’t take out money. Happy mistake?

24. Parkour is sweeping across countries all over the world. This apartment complex specifically built its outdoor hallways so that its residents could engage in the sport… at least that’s what the construction company told the owners when they completely messed up.

25. Construction workers handle heavy machinery anytime they’re on-site, so there are specific procedures and safety measures they have to follow. It’s clear that a worker goofed up. Maybe no one will notice.

26. A similar thought might go through your mind when you see something like this. Was the bridge constructed as a decorative piece, or were the pools supposed to connect under the bridge?


27. When you don’t have a table for your circular saw, grab your best friend — they’re the next best thing. It isn’t like there is a table directly behind you or anything, but this is definitely quick thinking at its finest.