Going Grand in Big Sky Montana

When I think of or travel to the mountains I conjure up cabins with a pot-belly stove or a lodge-pole pine cabin not resplendent with top of the line amenities but rather a more nostalgic era of yesteryear. Be that as is it may, this home in Big Sky was very well thought out and extremely well-designed. We appreciate every aspect of it, applaud those involved and are excited to share it.

Located about an hour’s drive from the western entrance to the Yellowstone National Park, the recreational residence of a young family of six is a modern mountain retreat. It is a luxurious mix of reclaimed wood, tall windows and fabulous art and yet, it is also clearly a family home with surprisingly intimate spaces.

More important, with their architect and designer, the home owners have avoided the uninspired log-cabin, mountain-ski-chalet look and arrived at a sophisticated balance that feels genuine, opulent and graceful.

The furniture is sparce, uncomplicated and intensely curated but the designer’s goal was not minimalism but harmony. Rather than aiming for activity and sizzle, the designer focused on creating environments that evoke quiet moments and peaceful repose.

Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first National Park, established on March 1, 1872. It is mostly located in Wyoming but stretches also into, Montana and Idaho.

The 2.2-million-acre park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains half of the world’s active geysers including the Old Faithful, and other natural landmarks such as the Grand Canyon. 

Photography by S.K Johnson & T. Suipel

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