Month: April 2012

Northern California Real Estate

The real estate market has always come down to two simple factors: the law of supply and demand, and consumer confidence. Right now, both of those are creating a sellers’ market here in the Bay Area. Consumers are feeling more confident as the economy… Continue Reading “Northern California Real Estate”

Hope all had a …

Hope all had a great weekend and bet you don’t feel like doing much cooking this week so check this out…hope it helps.   Regards, Nino


              After several years of an oversupply of homes on the market and an undersupply of qualified buyers, the tables have turned for the Bay Area’s housing market. It may be hard for some consumers to believe, but… Continue Reading ”       A…”

In Case You Drive to Your Vacation

Driving and vacations just seem to go together… Regards, Nino Three years after a blitz of recalls and quality crises, Toyota has regained its image among Americans as the automaker with the highest quality vehicles, topping all others in the first Yahoo! Autos Survey.… Continue Reading “In Case You Drive to Your Vacation”

Planning For Vacation

It being Friday and all thought I’d blog something fun. Regards, Nino By KELLI B. GRANT Most years, waiting until late April to book your summer vacation meant missing out on the best deals. But this spring — thanks to a glut of rentals… Continue Reading “Planning For Vacation”

Health Insurance Rebates

  Wasn’t aware of this were you? Regards, Nino Thanks to a provision in the health care reform law, millions of consumers will be receiving rebates from their insurers this summer. By Aug. 1, insurers that failed to meet one of the early guidelines… Continue Reading “Health Insurance Rebates”

Feds Upgrade Economy Outlook

Thinks improving….   Regards, Nino   By Don Lee, Los Angeles Times April 25, 2012, 4:36 p.m. WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve upgraded its outlook for the economy, predicting the unemployment rate would fall to as low as 7.8% in the fourth quarter —… Continue Reading “Feds Upgrade Economy Outlook”

Housing Spring Stats

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Contracts to purchase previously owned homes increased solidly to a near two-year high in March, suggesting the spring selling season got off to a firmer start and offering hopes of a pickup in housing. The National Association of Realtors said on… Continue Reading “Housing Spring Stats”

Come Fly With Me

Not a bad way to get from Point A to Point B Regards, Nino

An Apple a Day Good For Stock Marketing

  Read about Apple’s stock price, we live in a geographically interesting area!,0,3548.story Regards, Nino