Month: April 2013

The Palo Alto Ripple Effect

Nino Gaetano-OliverLuxury Real Estate 4/30/2013 Really Low inventory, historically low interest rates, an economy wrestling for stability on a teeter-totter, and a massive relocation effort have all combined together to create the perfect storm.  However, there is one other reason that I normally point… Continue Reading “The Palo Alto Ripple Effect”

San Francisco Grand Penthouse On The Market- SOMA Disctrict

The chic penthouse that was showcased at the SOMA Grand ShowRise event in 2010, and has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, has recently been put on the market for just under $2 million. The SOMA Grand Penthouse  The chic penthouse has recently… Continue Reading “San Francisco Grand Penthouse On The Market- SOMA Disctrict”

What $500,000 Buys In Housing Markets Around America

In  Michigan, $500,000 buys a 6,600-square-foot home on a three-acre lot.   But  in Seattle, the same amount will get you a 1,750-square-foot home on about a  quarter of an acre. Here’s a list of homes on  the market for $500,000 around the U.S. EL… Continue Reading “What $500,000 Buys In Housing Markets Around America”

$35 Million dollar sale in SF’s” Billionaire Row ‘

Tech entrepreneur Spent $35 Million On San Francisco’s Priciest House on “Billionaire’s Row,”. At that price, it would be the most expensive home ever sold in the city. The home, a Tudor in Pacific Heights, last sold in late 2011 for $29.5 million. It has six… Continue Reading “$35 Million dollar sale in SF’s” Billionaire Row ‘”


Top U.S. cities with the most luxury home listings and sales in three distinct price points: $1,000,000+, $5,000,000+ and $10,000,000+. $1,000,000+ City State -Number of Sales New York City (Manhattan) NY 2,382 Los Angeles CA 1,533 San Francisco CA 1,507 Hamptons NY 963 Miami… Continue Reading “U.S. CITIES WITH THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF LUXURY HOME SALES* 1M+”

6 Estates with Olympic-Worthy Sporting Facilities

In luxury real estate, there is no shortage of greatness or competition—especially when it comes to prestige properties with extraordinary sporting facilities. Here is a look at six champion estates that could spark competition among discriminating homebuyers this summer: Equestrian 106 Tripp St., Bedford… Continue Reading “6 Estates with Olympic-Worthy Sporting Facilities”

Monaco Penthouse(concept) Could Hit The Market For $280 Million

The  apartment atop a planned luxury tower in Monaco could be listed for $280  million, making it the world’s most expensive penthouse if it sells for anywhere  near that price. Current renderings for the residence, at Monaco’s Odeon Tower, show a five-floor home with 35,500 square feet… Continue Reading “Monaco Penthouse(concept) Could Hit The Market For $280 Million”

An Inside Look At Skywalker Ranch !

George  Lucas may have sold the rights to Star Wars, but he’s still the proud owner of  the 4,700-acre Skywalker Ranch. The director has spent around $100 million developing the impressive property  north of San Francisco since 1978. Lucas uses the land as a… Continue Reading “An Inside Look At Skywalker Ranch !”

Real Estate: Bidding Wars Gone Wild !

The bidding wars are back. Sharp Bids, No-Look Bids, Behind the back Bids you name it we’ve seen it. Seemingly overnight, many of the nation’s major housing markets have gone from stagnant to sizzling, with for-sale listings drawing offers from a large number of… Continue Reading “Real Estate: Bidding Wars Gone Wild !”

Architectural Aficianados Say: These Are The Coolest Buildings In The World

Online architecture database Architizer has just  announced the winners  of its first annual “A+” awards meant to “break architecture out of the  echo chamber” and into the public eye. There were 52 categories in total, ranging from Best Memorial to Best High Rise Office Building.… Continue Reading “Architectural Aficianados Say: These Are The Coolest Buildings In The World”