Calvin Klein Tore Down a 1929 Castle To Build This Glass Mansion in Southampton

After years of construction, it looks like fashion mogul Calvin Klein is nearly finished building his home on Southampton’s prestigious Meadow Lane.

Klein spent nearly $30 million on the beachfront property back in 2004. Five years later, he tore down the historic castle that had stood there since 1929 and started replacing it with a glassy black box of a house.

The 10-acre lot is “destined to become a major trophy property,” brokers told the NYT

I  imagine Klein’s Meadow Lane neighbors, will be relieved when the construction is finally done.

Meadow Lane runs along a broad stretch of beach in Southampton

calvin klein meadow lane

The home is almost complete, Some finish work remains

calvin klein meadow lane

It will have floor-to-ceiling windows in every room facing the ocean

calvin klein meadow lane

10 acres affords plenty of privacy

calvin klein meadow lane

Here’s the Stunning “castle” Klein tore down to build his dream home. The new design could not be more different

calvin klein meadow lane

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